Thursday, February 21, 2013

Playtest Ended, French Tactical Victory

With the victory of French ADC Baron Corbineau over the Russian ADC Pozzo di Borgo in the second battle of the upper Spree the play test phase of our game plan has come to an end.

You can read all about the details at MurdocK's MarauderS.

The victory for the French over two days of battle has resulted in a third crossing of the Spree River, meaning that a larger force of French could easily mount an assault on the city of Berlin.

With the play test now done, we have been working ferociously towards having the details mapped out for the main campaign.  Players now have their commands and are laying out the forces accordingly.

As we have a 'team' of French players it is my pleasure to state that we will be having a simultaneous movement system in the main campaign and a referee to provide the thrills, chills and spills of 'fog of war' issues in the game.

Watch the extra pages here at Campaign of Nations for the juicy details of game mechanics and in the coming weeks we shall be able to share some of what has been going on behind the scenes.  I say 'some' as we will need to keep certain details confidential so as not to spoil the game action.

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