Friday, February 8, 2013

Question of Supply

From an answer to a question about supply from our Army of Bohemia commander:

Supply symbols at edge of map, this is one of the Austrian ones south of Prague

If you wish to set up a magazine, you may.  I will have supply data on the blog soon, basically so long as you are on or within 1 hex of a road you are 'in supply'.  If you cannot trace a road back to your supply line (because enemy has crossed that road) then you have 2 days supply to 'get back' into supply or there will be consequences (at least the spent/disorder issue may come into action).  Other than getting surrounded the allied forces do not have as many supply headaches as the French because most of the populace is not on the French side.

I will have to work out the magazine concept - basically you NAME a location and 2 days later it becomes a self-sustained supply point - with a 2 hex radius if it gets cut off from the main supply line with enough to keep it going for 10 days.  As the Austrians were the supply 'masters' you will have 3 of these magazines and can change them at will - just taking the 2 days to 'move' from location to location.  Ultimately you will only need these once you are moving out from Bohemia.


Follow up for other players:

Army of Silesia gets 1 magazine
Army of the North gets 1 magazine

French Grande Armee gets 2 magazines


comments or thoughts on this?

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  1. Thanks for the speedy answer, David. This is all looking good!