Sunday, June 30, 2013

Overall picture update from mid August

In an effort to give an overall picture of the campaign so far ... without giving away too many details:

Barclay de Tolly
Barclay de Tolly has pushed open a pass though the Bohemian mountains south of Dresden, though that path is not yet clear of French resistance.

The Marienburg battles have been a set of cavalry skirmishes followed by a general build-up for both sides in the narrow flat area near Marienburg.

Then on the 21st of August a great battle ensued, where the Prussians were able to force a passage while Austrians and Russians held off the supporting French allied nations corps of Germans and Italians.

GDK von Blucher
Blucher, using a flank force of Dragoons has pushed a crossing of the Bobr against Marshal Oudinot.

The exact details of this engagement are not clear as of this writing, though it is clear that Oudinot retreated with the greater part of his infantry and artillery, while Sebastiani and the light cavalry performed screening duties and thus were much more wounded.

Michel Ney
While at BERLIN, Marshal Ney has performed a heroic feat, the city is encircled and the defenders either pushed back or retreating, the situation in north Brandenburg and south Pomerania is unclear.

Ney has paid for these victories with his life.

What is known is that Potsdam is not secured and the General Bulow has come out swinging - gaining a victory south of the city and opening a wedge in the French lines.  Whether this will be enough to relieve Berlin is not clear.

 Still not yet seen are Schwartenburg and the main Austrian Armies along with the Allied Monarchs.

 Napoleon Bonaparte and the Imperial Guard has yet to be located, and so remains a constant threat to the Allied planning. 

Where will he appear and strike?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Campaign within a campaign?

The battle of Olbernhau, in the Bohemian mountain passes, has certainly all the elements of a great multi-day campaign on its own.
The Marienberg region, hex 35,27 on the campaign map

Jim, one of the commanders in the greater Campaign of Nations, has posted some of the details of this particular region as part of his after action report from a cavalry battle earlier in the Campaign.

The PART 1 section (click the link) goes over these details rather thoroughly I thought.

Most certainly the map of the region is likely to be put to use again ...