Monday, September 16, 2013

Austrians Triumph at Second Bautzen

Charging Austrian Hussar
The Austrian Army under command of Feldmarschal-lieutenant Graf Radetzky has won a close fought victory at Bautzen in the Campaign.

For full details of the battle, played over two successive weekend meetings of the Australian gamers called the Avon Napoleonic Fellowship, may be found HERE.  <-- click the word HERE.

Players now have the up-to-date maps and the 24th of August move is in progress.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Grand Battle at Bautzen - Austrian attack

Table setup as seen from the west behind French lines looking east towards Austrians
The first sneak peek at the 'Second Bautzen' battle has come in from the tabletop in Australia.

The battle will have another day of action to complete the battle, so we cannot yet reveal a winner.

Battlefield at the start, French to the left, Austrians to the right
Ideally in another seven days we shall have the full details of this mighty encounter, pivotal at this point in the campaign.