Thursday, June 2, 2016

Campaign Post Operations Report #20 - Kings meeting

In the afternoon of 26th August 1813, just as Imperial
Headquarters was settling into march camp for the day, King Fredrich William 

receives a guest, for whom he has been wanting to meet:

Julius August Reinhold von Grawert and a select double dozen of his staff and escorts have arrived at the camp.  Plans are quickly made to dine and discuss the important matter that von Grawert was summoned for.
Instantly a missive comes from Haugwitz:
 Euerer Majestaet, please do not leave your most loyal subject in
suspense-has his humble suggestion found Royal favour, do the gallant General von Grawert and the honourable Count von Buelow ride out with instructions like to those proposed two days ago to your Majesty?
The King of Prussia was equally quick to respond:  
Yes, absolutely, this is the right way to go. Let them ride out immediately, and in the meantime, let us send instructions to Blucher not to engage unless it is absolutely unavoidable. 
To which Haugwitz replied:
Let us hope that it is not too late...

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