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Campaign Post Operations Report #5 - Rothenberg and crossing the Bobr River

Very quickly in the campaign 20th of August 1813 (fictional) the Allied army under Blucher made the first of many attempts at forcing a crossing of the River Bobr.

Here listed are the forces for the first battle and the Allied orders:

Battle is in Hex 27,36, with the French on the west bank of the Bobr and the Russians advancing from the East.

Russian attackers: (ordered to cross the Bobr river in force)

General Intendent: von Ribbentrop = CIC

1st Cavalry Corps: Generallieutenant Baron Korff

Russian Cavalry Brigade
Brigade: Generalmajor Berdaeev

Tver Dragoon Regiment (2)
Kinbourn Dragoon Regiment (2)

Russian Cavalry Division
1st Chasseur à Cheval Division: Generalmajor Pantschulid

Tchernigov Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (3)
Sievesk Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (2)
Arasmass Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (2)

Light Troops: Generalmajor Grekov VIII
Brigade: Generalmajor Count de Witte
1st Ukrainian Cossack Regiment
2nd Ukrainian Cossack Regiment
3rd Ukrainian Cossack Regiment
1st Teptar Cossack Regiment
Zikilev Cossack Regiment
Isaeva #2 Cossack Regiment
Selivanov #2 Don Cossack Regiment
Kutainikov #8 Cossack Regiment

Russian Artillery
Reserve Artillery:

Position Battery #10
Light Battery #29
Pontoon Company #4   <-- YES you see that correctly there is a pontoon bridge available and may be deployed (if your table/rules allow - or make some up!)

75th Marine (or Ships) Equipage <-- fully set river craft could also deliver some horse companies (maybe a regiment?) in one go ... they would likely be in disorder as they landed but operable after the landings.

Pioneer Company Lt. Colonel Gebenera

Cavalry Corps: Generallieutenant Vassil'shikov

Russian Cavalry Division
3rd Dragoon Division:

Brigade: Generalmajor Pantschulid
Courland Dragoon Regiment (2)
Smolensk Dragoon Regiment (2)

++++++ Russian Troops listed below are present at the battle yet
the Bobr River

Russian Cavalry Division
2nd Hussar Division: Generalmajor Tschaplitz

Brigade: Colonel Vassil'shikov
Akhtyrsk Hussar Regiment (4)
Marioupol Hussar Regiment (4)
Brigade: Generalmajor Kaslovsky
Alexandria Hussar Regiment (4)
White Russia Hussar Regiment (4)
Horse Battery #18

Russian Cavalry Division
Light Troops: Generalmajor Karpov II

Semenschenko Cossack Regiment
Kutainikov #4 Cossack Regiment
Tcharnusubov #4 Cossack Regiment
Loukoffkin Cossack Regiment
Karpov #2 Cossack Regiment
4th Ukrainian Cossack Regiment
St. Petersburg Cossack Regiment
2nd Kalmuck Regiment
Popov #13 Cossack Regiment
Unknown Cossack Regiment

FRENCH Defenders:

XII Corps
Troop Strength: 9224
Commander-in-Chief: Maréchal Oudinot, Duke of Reggio  <-- Personally in command
Chief of Staff: Général de division Lejeune
Artillery Commander: Général de brigade Nourry
Commander of Engineers: Général de brigade Blein

French Infantry Division
13th Division: Général de division Pacthod
Troop Strength: 2336
1st Brigade: Général de brigade Bardet
4/1st Légère Regiment (19/471)
3/7th Line Regiment (21/340)
4/7th Line Regiment (19/296)
4/42nd Line Regiment (2/411)
2nd Brigade: Général de brigade Cacault
3/67th Line Regiment (21/537)
4/67th Line Regiment (20/449)
2/101st Line Regiment (20/520)
3/101st Line Regiment (17/538)
4/101st Line Regiment (18/403)
4/4th Foot Artillery (3/70)
(6-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)
20/4th Foot Artillery (4/77)
(6-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)
Det. 2/4th Principal Train Battalion (1/89)
Det. 3/7th Principal Train Battalion (1/77)

French Infantry Division
14th Division: Général de division Guilleminot

1st Brigade: Général de brigade Gruyere
2/18th Légère Regiment (24/445)
6/18th Légère Regiment (17/382)
1/156th Line Regiment (22/855)
2/156th Line Regiment (20/893)
3/156th Line Regiment (25/897)

2nd Brigade: Général de brigade Brun de Villeret
2/Illyrian Regiment (26/486)
3/52nd Line Regiment (17/512)
4/52nd Line Regiment (16/544)
1/137th Line Regiment (27/585)
2/137th Line Regiment (16/586)
3/137th Line Regiment (16/606)
2/4th Foot Artillery (3/92)
(6-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)
1/8th Foot Artillery (4/71)
(6-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)
Det. 1/9th (bis) Train Battalion (0/56)
Det. 4/3rd (bis) Train Battalion (0/19)
Det. 1/4th Principal Train Battalion (1/59)
Det. 5/7th Principal Train Battalion (3/37)

French Allied Infantry Division
29th Division: Generalleutenant Raglowich

1st Brigade: Generalmajor von Becker
2/3rd Bavarian Line (13/369)
2/4th Bavarian Line (10/387)
2/8th Bavarian Line (18/432)
Res/13th Bavarian Line (12/364)
1st Combined Jäger Battalion (14/452)

2nd Brigade: Generalmajor Maillot de la Treille
2/5th Bavarian Line (11/439)
2/7th Bavarian Line (18/606)
2/9th Bavarian Line (17/517)
2/10th Bavarian Line (20/645)
2nd Combined Jäger Battalion (16/419)
1st Bavarian Foot Battery "Bammler" (2/60)
(6-6pdrs & 2-7pdr howitzers)
2nd Bavarian Foot Battery "Weisshaupt" (2/60)
(6-6pdrs & 2-7pdr howitzers)
Bavarian Reserve Battery (2/280)
(6-12pdrs & 2-7pdr howitzers)
Bavarian Train Det. (6/190)

Corps Cavalry Division: Général de division Beaumont

French Allied Cavalry Brigade
29th Brigade: Général de brigade Wolff
1/,2/,3/,4/Westphalian Chevauleger-lancier Regiment
(35/482)(545 horses)
1/,2/,3/,4/Hessian Chevauleger Regiment (12/248)(283 horses)
Bavarian Combined Chevauleger Regiment (3)(16/394)(421 horses)

French Artillery
Reserve and Grand Park

1/4th Foot Artillery (1/73)
(6-12pdrs & 2-6" howitzers)
18/4th Foot Artillery (4/82)
(6-12pdrs & 2-6" howitzers)
3/5th Horse Artillery (3/90)
(4-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)
4/2nd Sapper Battalion (3/100)  <-- could be used to disrupt pontoons?
4/9th Sapper Battalion (3/92)
Det. 1/4th Principal Train Battalion (1/102)
Det. 2/4th Principal Train Battalion (0/89)
Det. 4/12th Principal Train Battalion (0/6)
Det. 1/3rd (bis) Train Battalion (0/11)
Det. 3/3rd (bis) Train Battalion (0/9)
Det. 3/7th (bis) Train Battalion (1/4)
Det. 4/7th (bis) Train Battalion (1/88)
Det. 5/7th (bis) Train Battalion (0/17)
1/7th Train d'Equipage (1/75)
2/7th Train d'Equipage (1/66)
3/7th Train d'Equipage (1/130)

II Cavalry Corps:

Commander-in-Chief: Général de division Sébastiani
Chief of Staff: Adjutant Commandant Lascours
Commander of Artillery: Colonel Colin

French Cavalry Division
2nd Light Cavalry Division: Général de division Roussel d'Hurbal

7th Light Cavalry Brigade: Général de brigade F.Gerard
Staff/4th Chevauléger-lancier Regiment (6/8/29/9)
1/4th Chevauléger-lancier Regiment (9/165/20/167)
2/4th Chevauléger-lancier Regiment (10/212/23/211)
3/4th Chevauléger-lancier Regiment (3/87/7/86)
Staff/5th Hussar Regiment (9/5/28/2)
1/5th Hussar Regiment (8/195/18/195)
2/5th Hussar Regiment (8/199/18/196)
3/5th Hussar Regiment (11/195/24/193)
Staff/9th Hussar Regiment (6/9/21/11)
1/9th Hussar Regiment (7/195/16/196)
2/9th Hussar Regiment (8/201/18/198)
3/9th Hussar Regiment (8/203/18/196)
4/9th Hussar Regiment (6/206/13/208)

8th Light Cavalry Brigade: Général de brigade Domanget
Staff/2nd Chevauléger-lancier Regiment (3/2/9/2)
1/2nd Chevauléger-lancier Regiment (9/183/10/179)
2/2nd Chevauléger-lancier Regiment (8/220/18/221)
Staff/11th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (6/9/22/5)
1/11th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (9/222/21/212)
2/11th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (9/217/20/218)
Staff/12th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (5/8/19/12)
1/12th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (8/190/18/187)
2/12th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (16/287/32/285)

French Cavalry Division
4th Light Cavalry Division: Général de division Exelmans

9th Light Cavalry Brigade: Général de brigade Maurin
Staff/6th Chevauléger-lancier Regiment (6/4/20/4)
1/6th Chevauléger-lancier Regiment (4/233/30/230)
2/6th Chevauléger-lancier Regiment (9/171/22/174)
Staff/4th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (10/6/26/10)
1/4th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (7/156/16/152)
2/4th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (9/215/19/214)
Staff/7th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (6/7/20/3)
1/7th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (8/199/18/200)
2/7th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (8/159/18/158)
3/7th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (7/174/18/17)
1/20th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (14/202/33/200)
2/20th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (9/175/20/174)
3/20th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (9/178/20/178)
4/20th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (3/71/7/70)

10th Light Cavalry Brigade: Général de brigade Wathiez
Staff/11th Hussar Regiment (6/5/27/6)
1/11th Hussar Regiment (9/137/20/138)
2/11th Hussar Regiment (5/61/11/62)
Staff/23rd Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (9/5/22/4)
1/23rd Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (5/174/11/175)
2/23rd Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (7/143/15/136)
3/23rd Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (5/150/12/149)
4/23rd Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (6/152/14/150)
Staff/24th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (7/6/30/6)
1/24th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (4/104/9/100)
2/24th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (4/83/8/82)
3/24th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (5/80/7/78)
4/24th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (3/76/3/74)

French Artillery
Artillery: Colin

7/1st Horse Artillery (2/103)
(4-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)
2/11th (bis) Train Battalion (1/62)
7/4th Horse Artillery (3/94)
(4-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)
3/13h (bis) Train Battalion (0/62)
8/6th Horse Artillery (3/84)
(4-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)
3/13th (bis) Train Battalion (1/71)
4/11th (bis) Train Battalion (0/57)
4/3rd Horse Artillery (3/88)
(4-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)
Det 8th Train Battalion (0/57)


The battle is being fought over the Bobr crossing near Rothenburg near 51 Degrees 45 minutes North; 14 Degrees 55 minutes East.  There is a small airport with a single landing strip and Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) having the same name.  The river forms the boundary between modern day Germany and Poland.

Mostly flat lightly wooded terrain with some 'meres' or lakes - though they are likely dry in August, possibly not more than muddy patches? - in the area.

The Bobr River will be the main defining feature.

Blucher has ordered the crossing in some haste ... my overall view is that the cavalry will take a mauling here ... only a great failure by the French will see the Russians successful in the crossing.  This is an opportunity to eliminate many Russian horse before they can become a problem later in the campaign.

The results of this battle can be found at Avon Napoleonic Fellowship

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