Saturday, July 11, 2015

Campaign Post Operations Report #2 - Defection planning ...

Bavarian Allies of the French ... until they were not.
An important Campaign issue came up during the final stages of planning and troop deployment:

Mike (Bonaparte) asks:

What triggers the defection of French Allied contingents? Saxon and Bavarian spring to mind.

To which I answered:

The 'defection' issue is one of some significance, I was quick to point out that the handling of the Saxons in the Potsdam battle, during the play test, would have an impact on such considerations.

Basically if the French are loosing too much ground or too many men - likewise if they find themselves cornered, then the 'French allied troops' may have a chance of such defections.  The Bavarian case is something that I would consider an extreme - changing sides ON THE BATTLEFIELD is a very rare occurrence and should be handled as such.  Most certainly the 'change' happened overnight in a multi-day battle.

In all fairness I do also consider the departure from the coalition of allied armies also - there are conditions for the Swedes to bugger off, likewise for Prussians, less so for the Austrians and Russians; unless things are going bad for them - which if the Russians leave the coalition then 'peace' has broken out.

What are your thoughts or views of this potential?

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