Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Orders all over the world.

just a finger on a map?  across the globe it is not that easy ...
In a Skype exchange, orders were confirmed:

[8:34:22 AM] JW: I'll be in the far NE of Iceland...
[8:34:45 AM] DM: If you could send me a quick summary of what you want done I could make sure those orders are acted on ... ?
[8:35:06 AM] DMi: just looking to keep things moving quickly (for the sake of player interest)
[8:41:33 AM] JW: ok.  For the cossack corps  disperse, some hovering around chemnitz, bigger group on road north toward Notzen ?(cant read the map clearly), smaller force fall back toward Zwickau
[8:42:36 AM] JW: de Toll'ys austrians toward Chemnitz to press through the Italians (Bertrand's corps?)
[8:43:08 AM] JW: de Tollys russians and prussians push on MacDonard with Sayda as a target
[8:45:44 AM] JW: in east, the Autrian mega stack continues on to Bautzen with as much mass as possible.  the kurassier corps on the north flank as a flanking force if resistance is met.  Keep the two major masses of troops on the two roads they are presentlyusing, .  I have/ promised aid to Blucher if he neds it
[8:46:04 AM] JW: If he needs it, will detail some troops at least to go to his aid
[8:46:38 AM] JW: move the monarchs up, keep them close to Swartz. and try to keep them close enough to be a reserve (ha!)
[8:46:54 AM] JW: does that answer?  nothing surprising there...
[8:47:01 AM] DM: yes the Russian foot is slow
[8:47:26 AM] DM: only one little surprise, the Russians under de Tolly pushing on the Italians.
[8:47:39 AM] DM: sounds like at least one battle will happen
[8:48:25 AM] JW: that was s upposed to be the austrians under de tolly on the italians.  basicall, the allied west flank form the previous battle conmtinues to press on the french west flank
[8:48:37 AM] DM: ok
[8:48:46 AM] JW: nice spelling, eh?  good grief!
[8:49:12 AM] DM: you are rushed, imagine doing that in 20 mins in the dark (or candle) after riding a horse all day
[8:49:31 AM] DM: with the stub of a pencil
[8:49:36 AM] DM: on wet paper
[8:50:04 AM] JW: while I am gone I will not be able to fight out a battle, obviously.  So, if the aussie boyz want to do it, or work it out abstractly ? i'm cool with whatever keeps the turn going

This was some of the methods used to keep the action moving on 21/22 August 1813 (fictional) while one of the game commanders was working in Iceland!  Planning games to happen in Canada and Australia.

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