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Grand Campaign BATTLE at LUBBEN - Allied overview

General Blucher urging on his cavalry to recover position
The Allied positions on the 12th of September 1813 (fictional) were spread from the town of Peitz, north of the Spree River down through Lubben and further south to Luckau.

These forces were all contiguously connected, though only a small force of cavalry under Röder was the connection south of Lubben.

That day, Blücher was to learn that his cavalry strike north of the river was at a phantom and that the French Guard light cavalry had evaded contact while he engaged the French 1st Corps infantry.

Now the Allied forces might have only a day to gather as the French made the move to encircle Lubben, or at least cut it off from any further re-enforcements.

overall field positions on 12 Sept 1813 in our campaign
With Blucher rushing his tired troopers back to Lubben, there could be little chance of taking action against the French on the 12th ... the 13th though would be a day for maximum risk of major action in the Lubben area.

Allied forces:

From Peitz: (still blown from battle on 11 Sept)
General der Kavallerie Blücher (with escort of Don Cossack Guard brigade)
von Ribbentrop

Cavalry Corps:
St Petersberg Cossack Brigade
Lokouffkin Cossack Brigade

Provisional Heavy Cavalry Corps:
1st Dragoon Brigade
3rd Cuirassier Brigade of GM Duka

1st Light Cavalry Corps:
1st Chasseur a Cheval under Pantschulid Brigade

2nd Hussar Division Kalovsky Brigade

GM Langeron
commanding horse batteries left by cavalry 11 Sept (1xhorse)

9 Corps Aleusiev:
9 Division Udom II
Schapskoy Brigade
Durnov Brigade

5 Division Rusdevitch
Tern Brigade
Anensur Brigade
Tichanovsky Brigade

9 Corps Artillery (horse battery in FPGA)

10 Corps Kapzevitch:
8 Division Urussov
Schindshin Brigade
Revin Brigade

22 Division Turtshaninov
Schapskoy Brigade
Durnov Brigade

Detached Corps: Pahlen I

8th Corps St.Preist
11 Division Gurgalov
Kartvenkov Brigade
Turgenev Brigade
Bistrom II Brigade

17 Division Pillar
Kern Brigade
Shertov I Brigade
Charitanov Brigade

Reserve Cavalry Corps Gallitzin V:
1 Cuirassier Division Depradovitch
Arnesiev Brigade
Rosen Brigade
Guard Cossack Volunteers Brigade

2 Cuirassier Division Kretov
Karatiev Brigade
Leontiev Brigade

Reserve Cavalry artillery  (2xfoot 2xhorse)

On the road just south of Lubben:  (facing battle with French Cavalry Corps V (two Div of Dragoons))

Cavalry Reserve: Generalmajor von Röder
von Wrangel Brigade
von Starkenfels Brigade
von Mutius Brigade
Attached artillery (horse battery in FPGA)

On the road 12 miles south of Lubben [Allied staging area]:

Allied Monarchs
General Quartermasters: Generalmajor Baron Langenau

2nd Army Abtielung: General der Kavallerie Graf Meerfeldt
1 Division Ignaz Lederer
Sorenberg Brigade

Artillery (1xfoot in FPGA)

IN LUCKAU (just south of the 12 mile staging area):

5 Guard Corps Yermolov
1 Guard Division Rosen
Potemkin Brigade
Krapovitzky Brigade

2 Guard Division Udom I
Krishanovsky Brigade
Scheltuchin II Brigade

3 Grenadier Corps Kaevsky
1 Division Sulima
Zweilikov Brigade
Acht Brigade
Yemelianov Brigade

2 Division Tchoglokov
Pissarev Brigade
Colovin Brigade
Hesse Brigade

2nd Division: Feldmarschal-lieutenant Fürst Lichtenstein
Klopstein Brigade
Meszerey Brigade

1st Army Abtielung: Feldzeugmeister Graf H. Colloredo

3rd Division Greth
Mumb Brigade
Quasdannovich Brigade

Artillery (1xfoot in FPGA)

Kuirassier Brigade Rothkirch

These forces have been examined for use in the Fast Play Grand Armee (FPGA) rules and will need 44 brigades and 10 gun stands along with numerous officer stands.  The game moderator does not have enough base stands for both this army AND the French attackers in the correct FPGA sizes.  So alternatives are being examined for the game planned to be played out on 23 January 2015.

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