Monday, October 6, 2014

Strategic Dilemma ... what would Alexander, Tsar of Russia, do?

The Campaign has reached a critical moment, FZM Schwarzenberg is nowhere to be seen in the Allied Grand Headquarters.  General staff are edgy as Tsar Alexander and Emperor Francis are demanding situation reports and appear poised to issue orders for the Army Reserves, Grenadiers and Guards.

Would you, as Alexander, prepare a large force to meet the French threat in the north at Lubben, where Blucher has been preparing defenses for a few days and reports repeated cavalry attacks?


Would you, as Alexander, secure your flank against the French forces moving from the south, having crossed the Elbe and known to be commanded by Marshal Macdonald?


Would you, as Alexander, move to 'shore up' the Allied lines in the center, between the Army of Silesia and Army of Bohemia to maintain communications and be ready to respond where the French may attack?


Would you, as Alexander, Tsar of Russia, have some other option ... ?


  1. My vote for the 2nd option

  2. I am awaiting, with some trepidation, the results of what I actually did do.