Thursday, July 10, 2014

Skirmish series returns

While it may seem that not much is going on in the Campaign of Nations, many forces have been moving in the past few weeks.  Indeed we have done a number of days in the campaign, much faster turnaround time on the turns that in the past year.

Don Guard Cossacks
This time the moves have resulted in another contest of reconnaissance, thus we shall have another skirmish series.

Yet again the Cossacks have the task of brushing aside French light cavalry, only this time there are no lancers to deal with ...

Game 1: FRENCH win in round three, having lost 1/4 of their patrol a sudden counter-charge sent off the Cossacks
Game 2: RUSSIAN win in round five, a long drawn out affair with troopers scattered everywhere
Game 3: FRENCH win, again following a loss of 1/4 in the first round, by round four the Cossacks had been overcome.

Allied cavalry, though numerous cannot seem to break the French lines when the information is critical ...

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