Monday, September 16, 2013

Austrians Triumph at Second Bautzen

Charging Austrian Hussar
The Austrian Army under command of Feldmarschal-lieutenant Graf Radetzky has won a close fought victory at Bautzen in the Campaign.

For full details of the battle, played over two successive weekend meetings of the Australian gamers called the Avon Napoleonic Fellowship, may be found HERE.  <-- click the word HERE.

Players now have the up-to-date maps and the 24th of August move is in progress.

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  1. The fellas insisted that I take the Austrians since I am representing Francis in the campaign and the battle was my 'fault'. It was nice for the Austrians to have a win in their first outing (in our brief ANF history).

    It's a bit strange, but great fun, having a foot in both camps in this campaign. Sort of like doing a solo wargame; you try to do your best for whichever side you are operating at the time.

    Back to being Poniatowski (Ney) on the map now!